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Aesthetics, pragmatism, constructivism.

I burn for design. I burn for the whole thing.

For colors, forms and movement. I burn for the desparation when something does not work out and for the relieve when a situational problem becomes a persistent solution. I burn for motion, for 3D, graphics, elegance and simplicity.

I burn for design.

Philosophy, future, adventure.

As a designer it's a narrow path to walk on between a clients need for strategic outlook and emerging creativity.

While my experience teaches me to keep my look firmly on the future of a product and a clients plan, my urge as a designer is to create something that is at best unprecedented or at least original.

If in doubt I will always go down the route of creativity.

Not because I feel strategy is negligible but because I believe that the most power lies in the new and unexplored. I want you and me both to be at the forefront and not lagging behind, not being overran by others who were just that little bit more adventurous.

And adventurous is what I want to be and what I want my clients to be.
Ready when you are.

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