Set the world in motion.

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3D-Visualizations ranging from industrial- to consumer-products. 3D-Content-Creation. Realtime Ready Workflows for XR/VR/AR. Motion-Graphics and Infographics to delight your audience.

3D and Motion created with a mindset dedicated to concept, honest communication and with the clients benefit in mind.

3D-Design and Motion-Graphics professional with 10+ years experience. I am an enthusiast for all things 3D and for Virtual- and Digital-Experiences.

I dedicate myself to further and develop virtual concepts, virtual spaces and of course to produce images that make the world a more beautiful place to look at.

Besides creating contemporary relevant visuals, I am waving a network of like-minded creative people that offer expertise and experience to bring virtual concepts to life on clients screens.

Freelance 3D-Generalist and Motion-Graphics-Designer.
At your service.


Red Bull Media House, Mindconsole, Mutabor,, Schubkraft

Past Experience

Gerulf Dösinger - Time for Takeoff!

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